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20.03.2017 - Artifex rod and Ventix line review

Our new Artifex rod and Ventix flyline under test by the Germany Flyfishing Forum

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Review Armapiscari Artifex #5 Fly Rod (click)
Review Armapiscari Ventix #5 Fly Line (click)


06.12.2016 - SCALE Magazine "Less is more!"

The guys from SCALE Magazine checked our Inceptor Rod

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SCALE Magazine

13.10.2016 - New products for 2017

While you still enjoy the autumn Grayling fishing, we are already busy working on your wishes for 2017.

We have planned some cracking new products for the upcoming season. So, to stay excited, only so much for today...

Artifex Artifex Artifex

... 'Ruby' will take care of the line management...

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18.09.2016 - Latest review from our friends in the North

Latest review from our friends in the North, the land of thousand lakes
Click on the logo below to see what the guys have to say about our Inceptor rod and Artifex reel
Pyhäjärviseudun Perhokalastajat

17.08.2016 - Armapiscari going North!

Armapiscari going North!

You want to fish the Artic Circle, having no idea what gear to use or where to go?

Get in contact with Tony, our ambassador covering the far North of Europe.

Learn more about Tony (click)

08.07.2016 - Armapiscari goes Rhineland-Palatinate/Germany!

Armapiscari goes Rhineland-Palatinate/Germany!

Have a look at Inceptor, Artifex and Co, try them out and take them at Gabis Angelshop in Altendiez

Gabis Angelshop
Schulstr. 23
65624 Altendiez

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10.06.2016 - New to the team - Marc Mahkorn

A new face for Armapiscari - Marc Mahkorn

Marc is a fishing obsessive, he lives to be next to the water. Having come up through the ranks of course and spin fishing, Marc decided to focus on fly fishing as the ultimate cure for his catch addiction, not only on his home waters but worldwide. Always on the hunt for new challenges. Marc’s appetite for challenging the established practice and developing new techniques makes him a perfect addition to the Armapisacari team.

He is ready to answer all your questions around us and our products.

Find out more about Marc (click)

12.05.2016 - New partner shop in Slovenia

We are happy to welcome Flyfisher's Friend as our partner in Slovenia. Zlatko and his team are not only offering extraordinary service in the local flyfishing shop but also selling permits for the local rivers and providing accomodations for the area.

Triglavska 39V
4264 Bohinjska Bistrica

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