Armapiscari Ambassador Tony Immonen

Tony Immonen

Tony is one of our friends in the north and as an ambassador covering the rivers and lakes above and below the arctic circle. A native of Oulu, northern Finland, and surrounded by similar likeminded guys and supported 100% by his wife and kids, Tony lives for the outdoors. By any measure, Tony and the guys are hardcore. At Armapiscari, Tony and his friends are what we call proper fisherman, true explorers who live to find new sweet spots in remote places. Tony works his kit hard, and while he will never admit to being a specialist, he knows what works, what does not and more importantly, knows where to go. Disappearing into the wilderness for days, just being equipped with the minimum to survive, always on the hunt for record fish and cloudberries.

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Tony Immonen Tony Immonen Tony Immonen Tony Immonen

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